Aging In Place vs Assisted Living

While the majority (nearly 90%) of seniors prefer to age in place, living alone may not be the best solution. With concerns ranging from the negative physical and mental effects of isolation along with impacted security and safety, an assisted living home may be the better option – a comfortable, uplifting environment where all needs are met.
When someone with restricted ability lives alone, transportation can become unsafe. Over time, leaving the house at all can seem overwhelming. By not being able to freely shop for groceries and other necessities, attend doctor appointments, or engage in any social activity, isolation and loneliness can set in… which can lead to poor diet and hygiene. The home can also deteriorate and become unsafe for someone with limited mobility.
Strong social connections are key to physical and mental well-being… and that’s where we come in!
At Eden Estates Assisted Living, our residents enjoy a nurturing and comfortable lifestyle filled with satisfying and nutritious meals, fun and beneficial activities, social engagement with peers, plus care from an attentive staff. Our caregivers are dedicated to creating nurturing relationships with our residents – and their families to ensure their happiness and wellbeing.



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