Is It Time For Assisted Living

Memory Care - Queen Creek ArizonaThere are several indicators that someone may be becoming physically and/or cognitively impaired, ranging from basic things like repeating themselves in the same conversation, or something more serious like falling down. Poor hygiene is another sign that they are experiencing some sort of difficulty.

Other signs of include: 

* Aggression and combativeness

* Incontinence

* Wandering off and/or getting lost

* Restricted mobility

* Sudden or increased falls

Before a senior transitions to an assisted living home, a staff member, typically a nurse will perform a thorough assessment to examine physical and cognitive abilities and determine the best possible solution for their ongoing needs. 

Because of the specialized training and resources provided, many seniors that move into an assisted living home actually thrive in their new, nurturing, stimulating and enjoyable environment! 

Let’s Talk About Your Loved One’s Needs and the Care We Provide…

Personalized care and attention is Eden Estates Assisted Living priority. When your loved one needs attention, our dedicated team responds quickly, with a loving smile. 

Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have about the assisting living senior care we provide. Reach out to learn more and to schedule a tour of our home



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