Assisted Living Provides Peace of Mind

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At Eden Estates we understand that our residents value their independence, yet need assistance with a variety of daily activities to help keep them healthy, happy and safe. We also understand that transitioning to an Assisted Living care home can be quite intimidating and overwhelming, but there are so many benefits your senior loved one and family can look forward in this next stage of their life!
1. Personalized Care – our caregivers focus on each individual’s experiences, health needs, and personal preferences. This can include 24/7 care, medication administration, or mood/behavior monitoring and more.
2. Assistance with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) – our caregivers provide dignified, respectful, hands-on assistance at the level of support each resident needs.
3. Safety and Security – transportation, cooking, bathing and more… a lot can happen when an aging senior lives alone that can put them in danger, but our home is specifically designed to eliminate those hazards, inside and out with many safety features in place, monitoring, attentive, well-trained caregivers onsite.
4. Social Engagement & Activities – social activity prevents depression and loneliness while vastly improving quality of life. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly activities to keep our residents engaged and smiling!
5. Mealtime and Nutrition – snacks and meals are designed with senior health and nutrition needs in mind… and they’re delicious, too. Residents build friendships and bonds with each other, so dining is a social, fun event for your loved one.
6. Peace of Mind – regardless of how much you love them, stress can greatly affect a family caregiver, especially if they are not trained in providing care for a senior that cannot care for themselves. The senior can also experience stress and guilt – feeling they are a burden on their family. One of the greatest benefits of assisted living is peace of mind for everyone involved, knowing your loved one is happy, healthy, safe, well cared for and comfortable in their new home. Frequent calls and visits are also encouraged so you can maintain a strong, comforting connection with your loved one. 

At Eden Estates, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of seniors and are standing by… contact us to learn more about the care we provide, and to schedule a tour. Seeing is believing how positive, comfortable and loving an assisted living and memory care home can be.


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