Preparing To Move To An Assisted Living Home

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When it’s time for you or a loved one to consider moving into an assisted living home, there are many factors to be considered. We’ve created a helpful reference to guide you through the process of exploring options and making the move… continue reading below:

Location, Location, Location!

Location is one of the most vital aspects of moving to an assisted living facility. Being close to family and friends, as well as physicians and other business or personal services you frequent are important. Maintaining personal relationships and keeping in touch with loved ones is key to minimizing stress and feelings of isolation during such a big change in someone’s life. It’s also comforting to be in familiar surroundings.

Online Research 

Begin searching online for “assisted living homes near me” to become familiar with what’s available, then review their websites to get a “feel” for what they offer and ambiance or atmosphere. Websites are a great way to “window shop” homes, but it’s important to also schedule on-site tours to be sure what you’re seeing online is a true reflection of the home. Check online reputations, too – the Better Business Bureau, Google, Facebook, and Yelp can provide some insight from others about their personal experiences and how the business operates.

Ask Questions & Schedule Tours

Once you’ve discovered a few homes that peak your interest, reach out by phone or email to ask any questions not answered on their website and to schedule onsite tours. It’s a good idea do create a personal checklist beforehand to “grade” each home, so you have something to reference later on. Choose things that are important to you… here are some suggestions: 

  – Do residents seem happy and engaged?

  – Are the caregivers and staff pleasant and interacting with residents?

  – Is the inside and outside clean and well maintained?

  – Are rooms comfortable, clean and odor free?

  – Are shared areas clean, well organized and clutter-free?

  – What amenities and entertainment are provided?

  – What are medical services and related support is offered?

  – Ask about menus, meals and snacks in relation to personal preferences and dietary needs.

  – How does the place make you feel, overall?

Arts and crafts, music therapy, dance/movement therapy, cards and games, outings… these are just some of the fun and engaging activities that are typically offered at assisted living and memory care homes. And while some information may be listed on their website, it’s still important to ask and confirm the activities offered on a regular and recurring basis. 

Caregiver to Resident Ratios

Having adequate staff to care for and fully support the needs of residents around the clock and in the event of an emergency is a top priority. Eden Estates proudly features 24/7 awake staff with a 5 to 1 resident to caregiver ratio during the day and a 10 to 1 resident caregiver ratio at night.

Licenses & Safety Records

States regulate assisted living homes, so it’s a good idea to contact your state health department of social services office to inquire about assisted living and memory care homes you’re considering.

Assisted living homes also need a license to operate, and state agencies inspect these communities regularly, documenting and taking action if a complaint is filed. These surveys can reveal any violations or citations that have been reported and is publicly available. If a facility will not share their most current survey results with you, it’s likely a sign to scratch them off your list.

Pricing & Fees

It’s very important you fully understand ALL costs that will and may be incurred during your stay at an assisted living home. An upfront lowest price may not be the case in the long run. Before signing contracts or agreements, make sure you have in writing a comprehensive list of all deposits, fees and any other incidentals that could be incurred under any circumstances. Also ensure you fully understand commitments to length of stay and departure notices in the event you must move out sooner than anticipated due to an unforeseen hospitalization, rehab stay or simply for personal reasons. 

Finding that “perfect fit” when it comes to a new place to call “home” is the ultimate goal in this next stage of a seniors life. Do your research, stay true to your preferences, likes/dislikes, listen to your gut, don’t ignore red flags, and most of all, stay positive! There are wonderful assisted living and memory care options for this next chapter that will ensure the care, safety, and overall wellbeing of yourself or a senior  loved one! 

At Eden Estates, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of seniors and are standing by… contact us to learn more about the care we provide, and to schedule a tour. Seeing is believing how positive, comfortable and loving an assisted living / memory care home can be.


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