Malnutrition in Seniors

Senior woman with fresh crop from her garden

A poor diet can not only accelerate existing ailments, but create new ones due to an ongoing lack of quality, healthy nutrients, especially as we age. Poor nutrition can cause many ailments, including:

  • – A lowered immune system
  • – Chronic fatigue
  • – Reduced bone density
  • – Slower-healing wounds
  • – Increased risk of injury from falls
  • – Depression and mood swings

Some of the reasons an elder loved one may not be getting proper nutrition:

  • – Not wanting or being able to get to a grocery store.
  • – Not wanting to be a bother by asking for help.
  • – Difficulty with planning and preparing meals.
  • – Ill-fitting dentures that make eating painful.
  • – Arthritis, Parkinson’s and other conditions that can make slicing and chopping food difficult – and dangerous.
  • – Preference of isolation over interacting with others over mealtime.
  • – Not wanting to put forth the effort to prepare and cook meals, leading to fast food, frozen dinners and packaged foods that often have excess sodium, trans fats and processed, less nutritious ingredients.
  • – Depression, isolation, anxiety or loneliness, affecting a senior’s appetite and wellness habits. 

If you suspect a senior loved one is not getting the nutrition they need to live a healthy life, narrowing down the probable causes can make it easier to resolve. 

At Eden Estates, we continuously exceed the expectations of our residents and their families by providing exceptional care in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Meals at our home are prepared fresh daily…and are both nutritious and delicious.

If you believe it’s time to explore assisted living senior care options to ensure your loved one’s needs are met, we’d love to meet with you and show you around our wonderful home.  Schedule a tour today!



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